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Please note: There is an additional $25.00 charge for homes 15 or more miles from 92104. If you would like to check, use a map program like Google maps and enter your address and San Diego, Ca 92104. If the mileage is more that 15 miles there will be a charge.
(ie Hillcrest, Normal Heights, North Park, Mission Valley, etc)
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Which week? Day of week? Time of day? Open? We are only open Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5pm. Closed weekends.
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all, just bathrooms, just kitchen, etc
(ex. Folding clothes, change bedding, blinds, deep clean of window sills)
Are there any issues? Is it street parking? Visitor parking? Do we need a parking pass? Is there any gate codes? Are you in an apartment complex, if so please describe what part of the complete you are near (pool, clubhouse, south side etc)
Someone will be home, one of the doors will be unlocked, key will be hidden...., lock box, neighbor will let us in, we hold your key, etc.